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Inspiration - what is yours???

Never allow a failure to win! July 17 2018, 0 Comments

Failures don't define us!

Taking a break! July 18 2015, 0 Comments

After a dedicated week of vicious sewing/quilting - I need a break!  Sometimes you just need to walk away from what you love to do and re-energize. Today is that day - it is hot outside!  The weather man says the heat index will be triple digits - yikes!  This makes for a good day to play inside, in my 'cool' studio where I will indulge in my first love of sewing - clothing!  

I took a trip to JoAnn's Fabrics with one of those coupons.  Now, being a small business owner, I am a huge supporter of local shops, but what I 'needed' were some new clothing patterns and I indulged in TWELVE at less than $2 each - that's worth the trip - and our shops don't carry Simplicity/Vogue/Butterick/McCalls/NewLook ~ yes, justifying my guilt for shopping in a big box store.  

So, pattern pieces are cut, fabrics are pre-washed and with a hot cup of coffee in hand, off I go to lose myself in the world of 5/8" seams, zippers, interfacing and facings - 'sew exciting'... see ya later (aren't those buttons cute!)


'Snap' it's Breast Cancer month! October 12 2014, 0 Comments


Pumpkin e v e r y t h i n g

Sunday mornings at IHOP


Color explosion

Turn the furnace on - please

Fall leaves - smell them

The World Series - go Cards - we hope!

Breast Cancer Awareness - have you had your mammo this year???

  If you have, you will recognize these little sticker 'snaps'.  

  If you've never had one - get it scheduled so you too can wear the 'snaps'

  (which are just nipple stickers, used for X-ray identification/markers) 

  Wear them proudly and be responsible, you may save your life from breast cancer!  










I dedicate October to my niece!

Remember we made her the 'Love E' quilt... here is her update~

Cancer FREE!!!  'E' completed her treatment in flying colors.  

Now that chapter of her life is finished and she is marching forward with her triplets, family, career and life... So, let's honor 'E' by getting your mammo - SNAP! 

                                                           's on Sale September 02 2014, 2 Comments

Labor Day 2014 - a day of sales... What did you do on your Monday off?  Well, first I went for a run with my daughter, that was fun!  Then proceeded to clean up my pattern inventory, that was an eye opener.  I guess I didn't realize just how many patterns I have written and published over the years.  My designs have morphed from being hand drawn and copied to my present day computer programming and working with a print shop.  Finally my graphics classes from ~~~1978 make sense, even if 'back then' we didn't, that's correct did NOT use computers!  

Anyway... so many patterns.  And I still love them all, but there are so many, what do I do with them?  Duh~~~

Newsflash Jenice, some things just need to be put to rest, so, on my website is a new page called's on Sale.  Here you will find some of my older patterns, which are still great designs.  They may be dated by fabric, but isn't it so in quilting that almost everything old can be made new again.'s on Sale ~ Go shop ~

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The Chase May 19 2014, 0 Comments

I went to Spring Quilt Market without my comfortable 'shop owner hat' on since I closed my brick-n-mortar last year.  Attending as a full time designer left me feeling anxious yet determined.  I knew that to be successful I was going to have to 'put myself out there' so to speak.  So I did…

See those pants, aren't they cute, I think so, so much so that I chased her - Kelly - across the lobby to take a pic and tell her how cute she was.  That moment opened up a conversation which led to an opportunity for me to do some design work for her new line of fabrics for next year.  Cool!


So, market is swimming with our quilting celebs and we tend to just take their presence for granted.  However, once again I found myself chasing, literally running down Pat Sloan just to say "hi".  I follow Pat on Facebook and Instagram, don't you?  Can you see that we are kindred spirit girls with our black glasses and scarves.  What a genuine person - smile * happy * laugh.  I am excited to hopefully use her fabrics in my designing now that I am working with Moda fabrics too.  

It was a great market… I learned a lot, saw a lot and networked - a lot!!! 

Cancer - a four letter word March 22 2014, 5 Comments

My niece was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  As my sister, her mom says, "the words daughter and cancer in the same sentence..."  Devastating to say the least.  Cancer evokes a four letter word - f e a r, but we fight with stronger four letter words - h o p e and L O V E.  'E' has two-year-old triplets, a doting husband, a great - and I mean GREAT support system of family and friends, a career, passion and the determination to fight this battle.  She started her road back to excellent health this week with her first dose of chemotherapy.  The chemo will steal her hair, wipe out her energy and breed a disgust for breast cancer that women together share.  What can I do?  In our family we light candles.  That flame of life gives hope and sends sparks of healing.  The glow of candle light is love and it is soothing, never ending.  It seems as we age, our candles are lit way too often for someone we care about.  But what can I do?  I pray and pray and pray, God knows me well, doesn't He know us all well, he knows 'E' well and He will keep her safe.  So what can I do, what can I do, what can I do?  Then it's so obvious - a quilt - I can make a quilt... a quilt is love, comfort, peace, it provides pleasure, soothes pain, creates a safe place to cuddle or hide, it is a keeper of our secrets, our hopes, our dreams, our everything.  I will make a quilt.  Want to help?
Fall in love with 'E'.  Make this quilt with me.  Create a simple Nine Patch finished size 6" x 6" (unfinished 6 1/2" x 6 1/2").  That means you will cut your squares 2 1/2" x 2 1/2".  In the center block add a heart - share your love - you can draw it, appliqué it, embroider it, use heart fabric...  Finally just sign your name/initials with your city/state on your block.  Let's unite our love for 'E' and her fight-our fight  against cancer.  
Send your unfinished block to Quilted Garden, PO Box 153, Edwardsville, IL 62025.  I will share the progress as this comes together. 
My candle is lit, would you light yours...

Yo ~ Yoyo January 27 2014, 1 Comment

I love handwork.  It gives me an excuse to sit.  Sit and sew, sit and stitch, sit and knit...  It makes me s.l.o.w. down and enjoy the day, the evening, the moment.  My new design "Love is all Around" began with only five accent yoyo's.  I relished that time just sitting and stitching  knowing that five little yoyo's would not take very long at all.  I got them done and sewed them onto the quilt - hmmmmm 'I think it needs more'.  So off to the cutting table I go, scissors and circle templates at the ready.  Ten smaller yoyo's appeared, giving me the opportunity to again just sit and enjoy creating my 'masterpiece'.  It is now finished.  I am off to the printer to pick up the patterns ~ hot off the press.  Kits are cut and ready to go.  Check this lovely out on the 'Let's go Shopping' page.  Handwork - yum.

Cyber Monday December 01 2013, 0 Comments

Here I go, my first 'sale' on my website!  I have set it all up for an overall 15% off, hope it works without a hitch, try it out at midnight.  


When did it happen that we became such 'sale' driven consumers?  I love a great sale and pride myself in finding the bargains.  What I have never been good at are coupons!  The clipping, the sorting, the filing, the expiration dates - ohhhhh and all the 'stuff' bought that doesn't get used, but you have a coupon... ehhhh.  Oh, I've tried - when my family was young and money was tight, I even created cute little containers for my coupons...  I still get them, my inbox and mailbox is full of them and so is my recycling bin.  But, this weekend - Black Friday, Cyber Monday - bargains abound all around!  I shopped 'Small Business Saturday' and got a good start on my holiday gift shopping.  I love the excitement in the air, the bell ringers, the decorations and music, cookies and hot cider, running into old friends and planning get togethers.  Tomorrow I will probably do a little cyber shopping too - how 'bout you?  15% off here all day... and you don't even need a coupon.  

Happy shopping! Jenice



Finished November 03 2013, 0 Comments


I looked out my front window last night to a blaze of fall color.  
 One of those ominous dark skies with the sun shining through.  
 The last day before turning back our clocks, summer is finished for sure, but the beauty of fall is here.  
 Embrace the crisp autumn air!


 I'm now inspired...

 I go to my sewing studio, there it is ready for me to finish - 300" of binding all prepped and
 waiting to be sewn onto the quilt I just got back from Ruth at Decor Quilting.



The quilt is trimmed, the binding goes on easily.  I am contemplating sewing it down by machine or by hand.
  If I turn and stitch it by hand it will take me a minimum of 3 hours, that would be a movie or an evening of
  conversation with my  husband or a good friend.  If I turn and stitch it by machine I will have it done in
  30 minutes and then I can move onto another project... hmmmm~

Well, considering that I am pretty good at stitching in the ditch and pretty fast, I had it done and ready to

 photograph for the pattern in that next 30 minutes.  Want to see the finished product?  'Woven Ribbons' is
 on page 2 "Let's Go Shopping". You have options - pattern only, kit with just the front and binding or kit
 with all the fabric for the front, back and binding.  I am happy... it is finished!  What are you finishing today?
What am I moving onto?  My retreat is next Friday - we are sewing Holiday Trapunto and a Mystery project...
I am finishing both of them and will share soon.
Happy sewing...
                    and finishing!  

Making it a great day! October 04 2013, 0 Comments

Good morning!  I just finished re-vamping my website, change is good right?  I know there are lots of little 'fixes' that need to be done, but it is so satisfying to re-create something and make it better.  Now each time I look I see little tweaks here and there that need to be done and that is making me nuts.  This is the same process as designing a quilt and sometimes I just have to walk away for awhile.  So I am going to make myself vulnerable here and walk away, but I would really like your feedback on how to make this site even better - contact me via the 'Connect' page :)

Today I am having breakfast and an outing with girlfriends. I am excited to get out from behind my computer screen and enjoy a lovely fall day.  You should too!

Making it a great day,