LOVE your iron? August 28 2014, 0 Comments

I - L O V E - this iron.  It is hot!  But it leaks and drips and spews and that make me a sad presser!  

I have had my Oliso i-touch iron for at least a year (and this is my second one - the first one was broken in a kids class as it 'hit the floor' ouch).  I form an intimate relationship with my iron because we spend a lot of time together.  My Oliso talks to me!  It hops to attention and treats me to a moisturizing steam facial with each press, it is rejuvenating!

When it finally 'vomited' all over my project I contacted the company for their expertise.  They sent me the usual troubleshooting tricks to try - which, well, they are pretty obvious - 'I always turn off my iron when I'm done for the day'…  My last option was to send it back for warranty repair or replacement… but… I did not save my receipt, I did not save my box, I did not even register it when I bought it.  So - another life lesson ~ save that stuff and take the time to fill out that little card with the product/registration number and send it in!  I have already ordered my new Oliso - same one, because I love this iron.  I am sad to let this 'bad seed' go, but I am also proud to say that I have worn out yet another iron... 

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