What is old is new again April 09 2012, 1 Comment


Mine were thinned from my in-laws garden, which were thinned from Granny’s garden, once again share the anticipation of the season as they peek through the soil to delight us in their undeniable beauty.


I own my Swedish Grandmother’s Double Wedding quilt from the 1920’s.  I collect them; old, tattered, well worn, well loved, soft and cuddly.  I sew them; perfectly pieced, lovingly quilted, and pretty to look at, they will soften with age and use.  I design them; new fabrics, modern piecing, computer quilting, heirlooms and a legacy prevail.

Our world, our lives are just like our gardens and quilts creating new from the old.

Enjoy our new website as, just like our quilts, it merges the old with the new.