Time~ June 04 2012, 12 Comments

"I don't have time"  How many times have we said THAT!  We are busy busy people and 'time is of the essence', sound familiar?  We like to multi-task, it feels good to get a bi-jillion things done in one day.  My favorite is 'the list' - I create the ultimate to-do list and check off my tasks as I complete them, sometimes I write things down that have already been done just so I can check them off.  We like to be accomplished and empowered.  But it all takes time.  

Quilting - definitely takes time, or it should.  Sometimes I get concerned with the fast and easy concept.  Shouldn't quilting be like that great wine that grows finer with age?  Don't get me wrong, there is the 'time and place' for the quick quilt.  I am talking about that heirloom that you pour your heart and soul into.  The one that you plan and toil over fabric choices or the one that you have that special fabric for and now search for the perfect design.  Achievement, pride and excitement are the gifts as that last stitch of binding is placed, knotted and relished.  Maybe the quilt is for a loved one, maybe for a raffle, maybe for you... regardless, it is ok for it to have taken time, because no matter how you say it, time is invaluable and an amazing gift for us to use as we please.  So, I am going to continue to quilt this 13 year old heirloom, how 'bout you?