"Christmas Eve Gift" December 24 2012, 7 Comments

   I spent my first Christmas with my husband's family in 1979, it was magical.  On Christmas eve when the phone rang on the wall, my mother-in-law would answer with a giggle "Christmas eve gift".  If you didn't say it first, you owed a gift - a hug, a kiss, an I love you, simple.  Now 33 years later, the tradition continues and I still cannot beat that quick "Christmas eve gift" giggle.  That year we sang with open hearts and loud voices Christmas carols as my mother-in-law worked her magic fingers and toes on the keys and pedals of the organ.  Traditional eggnog - the good stuff made from G'pa's secret recipe - warmed our spirits as we embraced being together.  Magical! 

On this eve of our Savior's birth, I am wishing you a "Christmas Eve Gift" and truly hope this season is magical.

Merry Christmas!