Making it a great day! October 04 2013, 0 Comments

Good morning!  I just finished re-vamping my website, change is good right?  I know there are lots of little 'fixes' that need to be done, but it is so satisfying to re-create something and make it better.  Now each time I look I see little tweaks here and there that need to be done and that is making me nuts.  This is the same process as designing a quilt and sometimes I just have to walk away for awhile.  So I am going to make myself vulnerable here and walk away, but I would really like your feedback on how to make this site even better - contact me via the 'Connect' page :)

Today I am having breakfast and an outing with girlfriends. I am excited to get out from behind my computer screen and enjoy a lovely fall day.  You should too!

Making it a great day,