Never allow a failure to win! July 17 2018, 0 Comments

     I made my wedding dress using this vintage wire dress form :)






We moved to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains in steamy upstate SC in 2017.  I have a lovely studio space to work in and spend most of my days there.  Today I am working on a jumpsuit -for me- to wear to a concert I am going to next month with my daughter in Chicago (more on that later).  Sewing clothes is such a sweet diversion from quilting.  I get to pull out 'forgotten' tools ~ tracing wheel and paper, cloth tape measure, invisible zipper foot, pressing ham, dress form...  My career in sewing began with clothing.  My first project was a LINED jumper with a ZIPPER!  I am sure my sweet mom didn't realize how frustrating this would be to execute.  I did not finish that dress.  I remember feeling defeated. I also remember that I fell in love with the process and all the creativity that this world of fabric and thread offered and I went on conquer the art. 

"Never allow a failure to win and define you, instead channel it to motivate, empower, conquer, and ultimately grow"