Cyber Monday December 01 2013, 0 Comments

Here I go, my first 'sale' on my website!  I have set it all up for an overall 15% off, hope it works without a hitch, try it out at midnight.  


When did it happen that we became such 'sale' driven consumers?  I love a great sale and pride myself in finding the bargains.  What I have never been good at are coupons!  The clipping, the sorting, the filing, the expiration dates - ohhhhh and all the 'stuff' bought that doesn't get used, but you have a coupon... ehhhh.  Oh, I've tried - when my family was young and money was tight, I even created cute little containers for my coupons...  I still get them, my inbox and mailbox is full of them and so is my recycling bin.  But, this weekend - Black Friday, Cyber Monday - bargains abound all around!  I shopped 'Small Business Saturday' and got a good start on my holiday gift shopping.  I love the excitement in the air, the bell ringers, the decorations and music, cookies and hot cider, running into old friends and planning get togethers.  Tomorrow I will probably do a little cyber shopping too - how 'bout you?  15% off here all day... and you don't even need a coupon.  

Happy shopping! Jenice