Yo ~ Yoyo January 27 2014, 1 Comment

I love handwork.  It gives me an excuse to sit.  Sit and sew, sit and stitch, sit and knit...  It makes me s.l.o.w. down and enjoy the day, the evening, the moment.  My new design "Love is all Around" began with only five accent yoyo's.  I relished that time just sitting and stitching  knowing that five little yoyo's would not take very long at all.  I got them done and sewed them onto the quilt - hmmmmm 'I think it needs more'.  So off to the cutting table I go, scissors and circle templates at the ready.  Ten smaller yoyo's appeared, giving me the opportunity to again just sit and enjoy creating my 'masterpiece'.  It is now finished.  I am off to the printer to pick up the patterns ~ hot off the press.  Kits are cut and ready to go.  Check this lovely out on the 'Let's go Shopping' page.  Handwork - yum.