Blog's on Sale September 02 2014, 2 Comments

Labor Day 2014 - a day of sales... What did you do on your Monday off?  Well, first I went for a run with my daughter, that was fun!  Then proceeded to clean up my pattern inventory, that was an eye opener.  I guess I didn't realize just how many patterns I have written and published over the years.  My designs have morphed from being hand drawn and copied to my present day computer programming and working with a print shop.  Finally my graphics classes from ~~~1978 make sense, even if 'back then' we didn't, that's correct did NOT use computers!  

Anyway... so many patterns.  And I still love them all, but there are so many, what do I do with them?  Duh~~~

Newsflash Jenice, some things just need to be put to rest, so, on my website is a new page called's on Sale.  Here you will find some of my older patterns, which are still great designs.  They may be dated by fabric, but isn't it so in quilting that almost everything old can be made new again.'s on Sale ~ Go shop ~