The Chase May 19 2014, 0 Comments

I went to Spring Quilt Market without my comfortable 'shop owner hat' on since I closed my brick-n-mortar last year.  Attending as a full time designer left me feeling anxious yet determined.  I knew that to be successful I was going to have to 'put myself out there' so to speak.  So I did…

See those pants, aren't they cute, I think so, so much so that I chased her - Kelly - across the lobby to take a pic and tell her how cute she was.  That moment opened up a conversation which led to an opportunity for me to do some design work for her new line of fabrics for next year.  Cool!


So, market is swimming with our quilting celebs and we tend to just take their presence for granted.  However, once again I found myself chasing, literally running down Pat Sloan just to say "hi".  I follow Pat on Facebook and Instagram, don't you?  Can you see that we are kindred spirit girls with our black glasses and scarves.  What a genuine person - smile * happy * laugh.  I am excited to hopefully use her fabrics in my designing now that I am working with Moda fabrics too.  

It was a great market… I learned a lot, saw a lot and networked - a lot!!!