Sharing a Quilt September 20 2013, 0 Comments

Last night I had the pleasure of being the entertainment AKA guest speaker at the Flower Valley Quilt Guild.  I took my trunk show of quilts old and new to share with the group of 50+ quilters.  I am always nervous going in front of a group, hoping I can engage them in my show and tells.  This group was awesome - there is nothing like looking into a crowd and being reassured that they are enjoying, evidenced by the smiles and affirmative nods.  As I shared my wares my nerves quieted and I had the chance to enjoy and engage and smile and laugh, be silly and to share our common bond - quilts.  So, Thank You to my audience - you made me feel super!

"Christmas Eve Gift" December 24 2012, 7 Comments

   I spent my first Christmas with my husband's family in 1979, it was magical.  On Christmas eve when the phone rang on the wall, my mother-in-law would answer with a giggle "Christmas eve gift".  If you didn't say it first, you owed a gift - a hug, a kiss, an I love you, simple.  Now 33 years later, the tradition continues and I still cannot beat that quick "Christmas eve gift" giggle.  That year we sang with open hearts and loud voices Christmas carols as my mother-in-law worked her magic fingers and toes on the keys and pedals of the organ.  Traditional eggnog - the good stuff made from G'pa's secret recipe - warmed our spirits as we embraced being together.  Magical! 

On this eve of our Savior's birth, I am wishing you a "Christmas Eve Gift" and truly hope this season is magical.

Merry Christmas!

What's new... August 27 2012, 1 Comment

I haven't been on here in awhile... summer vacation, baby showers and surviving our midwest drought are my excuses.  I have spent little time in my sewing room, I think taking a break once in a while is very inspiring and motivating for me.  Now I have new ideas bubbling and am about to put pencil to paper, so look out!

In the meantime, I have amazing teachers that also design and create.  Mary is teaching her Chevron Pillow in September.  It is so trendy and fun.  I love the pompoms and their constant wiggles.  Not only is she teaching the chevron piecing, but also how to insert a zipper.  Consider her class as a treat to the end of this hot*hot summer!


Time~ June 04 2012, 12 Comments

"I don't have time"  How many times have we said THAT!  We are busy busy people and 'time is of the essence', sound familiar?  We like to multi-task, it feels good to get a bi-jillion things done in one day.  My favorite is 'the list' - I create the ultimate to-do list and check off my tasks as I complete them, sometimes I write things down that have already been done just so I can check them off.  We like to be accomplished and empowered.  But it all takes time.  

Quilting - definitely takes time, or it should.  Sometimes I get concerned with the fast and easy concept.  Shouldn't quilting be like that great wine that grows finer with age?  Don't get me wrong, there is the 'time and place' for the quick quilt.  I am talking about that heirloom that you pour your heart and soul into.  The one that you plan and toil over fabric choices or the one that you have that special fabric for and now search for the perfect design.  Achievement, pride and excitement are the gifts as that last stitch of binding is placed, knotted and relished.  Maybe the quilt is for a loved one, maybe for a raffle, maybe for you... regardless, it is ok for it to have taken time, because no matter how you say it, time is invaluable and an amazing gift for us to use as we please.  So, I am going to continue to quilt this 13 year old heirloom, how 'bout you?

To market~to market and home again~ May 21 2012, 1 Comment

There is nothing more inspiring than to attend the International Quilt Market (in Kansas City, MO) and brush shoulders with our stars.  Aisle upon aisle present opportunities to meet Amy Butler, Stephanie Brandenburg, Patty Young, Amy Barickman, Eleanor Burns, Nancy Zieman, the list goes on. They are there for me and for you - the consumer, they have time to chat, to visit, to laugh. Their job is done, they are relaxed (or relieved) - their products are in place, perfectly poised to catch our attention and hopefully our order.  But my job has just begun as I schedule appointments, attend classes, wander the 1000's of booths, place orders, run into old friends and of course make new ones.  

The class I took called "Needleturn Applique - the gluestick way" with Australian, Helen Stubbings and her beautiful accent, left me inspired and I can't wait to use her technique -with you- on my next project.  We were entertained at the Clover counter with the Clamshell Case demo and continued to be intrigued by 'twilling', chipboard and stretched canvas!

I am excited to now get to work on new ideas for classes, on a pin cushion challenge, on a new mini block of the month, on some crafty concepts along with the exciting new patterns, fabrics and notions and on and on.  

As always I come home exhausted with my head a blur and full of creative energy.  But what fun we had and even took time to explore the cutest antique shops in sleepy Blackwater, MO.  A little railroad town, population 199, with one block of charm.  What did I buy there you ask - well a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt, a Shawnee corn casserole dish to add to my Iowa corn collection and some painted heads - what? sign up for our pincushion challenge to find out more about those!


SamSarah Designs            Indygo Junction               Blackwater, MO                 Nancy Zieman

Off to the studio, Jenice

What is old is new again April 09 2012, 1 Comment


Mine were thinned from my in-laws garden, which were thinned from Granny’s garden, once again share the anticipation of the season as they peek through the soil to delight us in their undeniable beauty.


I own my Swedish Grandmother’s Double Wedding quilt from the 1920’s.  I collect them; old, tattered, well worn, well loved, soft and cuddly.  I sew them; perfectly pieced, lovingly quilted, and pretty to look at, they will soften with age and use.  I design them; new fabrics, modern piecing, computer quilting, heirlooms and a legacy prevail.

Our world, our lives are just like our gardens and quilts creating new from the old.

Enjoy our new website as, just like our quilts, it merges the old with the new.